One of IQP’s core values is “Better Together.” It informs how we work with our clients and with one another every day. I’ve been inspired by how others have stepped up to help and I am going to do the same. My expertise is helping tech startups and scaleups, so that is where I will focus my efforts.

Attracting great talent to startups is hard at the best of times, now it’s hard in a different way.

Supply isn’t an issue. COVID-19 has impacted many startups who have reluctantly parted ways with talented professionals. There’s also less competition for the best ones. There are fewer companies hiring and as they’re also managing existing teams through this uncertain time their talent acquisition is suffering. That doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Candidates are more reluctant to make a move these days and interviews to assess culture and fit are difficult in a COVID-19 world.

This where I am eager to help. With 7 years of recruitment leadership for startups I am passionate about helping this community, both companies and candidates.

To live our “Better Together” value and support the tech and startup community during this challenging time, I am offering complementary recruitment/sourcing advice and services to tech companies who need to ramp up their hiring in product management, product design and marketing. We are also carving out hours each day to connect with candidates who have been impacted by layoffs and are looking for advice/connections.

For tech companies looking to hire:

  • Five (5) free hours (usually billed at $150/hour) of search support to help you ramp up your sourcing for crucial hires and help minimize time that you need to spend focused on your current staff.
  • You can use these hours towards what you wish – sourcing lists, candidate outreach, candidate screening/management – whatever helps take time off your plate.

For candidates looking for new roles (due to COVID-19 layoffs or other):

My team and I are actively connecting with candidates for the following disciplines within the tech space. If you know someone that might benefit from our advice, please connect us.

  • Product management
  • Product and UX Designers
  • Marketing (growth, demand generation, acquisition, product)
  • Engineering/Front-end development
  • Human Resources/Talent Acquisition

Whether we have an active role to discuss or not – we are happy to provide advice on resumes, the market, and make connections and referrals whenever we can.

To learn more about these services and how my team can help you please contact me directly at

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